Keep your bike safe and protected

Protect your bike from the essentials, whether theft or accidental damage.


Bike Rage insurance covers for theft whether at home or out on the road.


Cover for any accessories and personal possessions which you have on the bike.


Never miss out! Whether in a sportive or competitive race, you'll be covered.

Public Liability

Our public liability covers you if someone else is injured or their property is damaged.

Loss of Earnings

If you're injured and cannot work, we will provide a weekly payment.

Personal Injury

Ouch! Covers bodily injury following an accident whilst cycling.

Overseas & Transit

Get up to 60 days cover for overseas adventures, transit included.


If your bike is accidently damaged or vandalised, we'll cover the costs.
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We don’t pursue every company that needs Bicycle Insurance. We choose only clients that believe in our values. It takes teamwork, a solid commitment and good communication

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